Woman with headscarf


One of the many illustrations I enjoyed making. With everything I make, I always try to stay close to my roots. There for the earring the shape of Africa’s continent and the headscarf. The thing I enjoyed most was working and the details in the headscarf and earring.
If you want to see the making of video of this illustration, you can click on the link/video below:
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African Fashion Illustrations part 2

This concept is also part of the African fashion Illustrations. It looks a bit different, due to the detailed patterns. I wanted to add something that showed something of my style. Just like some of my other illustrations and paintings, this illustration has a pattern on the face and neck and the woman has no pupils and iris.


The African Queen Prints



I am proud to present to you The African Queen Print. In these illustrations, I drew a lot of detailed prints. I love prints and patterns. This reminds me of the African traditional clothes, called pagne.