We try to hide our feelings, but we forget our eyes speak. The eyes tell more then 1000 words. That’s the main reason I leave out the pupils in the eyes. I try to get the expression out of the face and posture.

Woman with headscarf


One of the many illustrations I enjoyed making. With everything I make, I always try to stay close to my roots. There for the earring the shape of Africa’s continent and the headscarf. The thing I enjoyed most was working and the details in the headscarf and earring.
If you want to see the making of video of this illustration, you can click on the link/video below:
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This is another new African painting I am working on. I don’t name my paintings, because I don’t know what to name them. lol. I don’t draw the pupil and the iris in the eye, because I want to try create an expression out of her body, instead of the eyes. That’s the reason why the lady in this painting and the two previous ones don’t have an iris and a pupil.


New artwork finished

And then it was finally finished. When I started this painting, I wanted to keep the colour of the background gold, just as my previous painting. But for some reason I didn’t quite like it on this painting…soo I painted the background yellow.



Working on a new african portrait

afro portret 3 inprogress

Hey everyone. This is a new portrait I’m working on. It looks very much like the previous portrait I made. This is because I want to continue working in the same style. That is something that I really have to get used to, because I like working in different styles. For me this is definitely a challenge, but I like challenges and art… soo we’ll see what the result will be 🙂

The African Queen Prints



I am proud to present to you The African Queen Print. In these illustrations, I drew a lot of detailed prints. I love prints and patterns. This reminds me of the African traditional clothes, called pagne.