This is another new African painting I am working on. I don’t name my paintings, because I don’t know what to name them. lol. I don’t draw the pupil and the iris in the eye, because I want to try create an expression out of her body, instead of the eyes. That’s the reason why the lady in this painting and the two previous ones don’t have an iris and a pupil.


New artwork finished

And then it was finally finished. When I started this painting, I wanted to keep the colour of the background gold, just as my previous painting. But for some reason I didn’t quite like it on this painting…soo I painted the background yellow.



Working on a new african portrait

afro portret 3 inprogress

Hey everyone. This is a new portrait I’m working on. It looks very much like the previous portrait I made. This is because I want to continue working in the same style. That is something that I really have to get used to, because I like working in different styles. For me this is definitely a challenge, but I like challenges and art… soo we’ll see what the result will be 🙂

Back with new work :D

Hi everyone. As you know I’ve been absent for a few months, because of difficult circumstances in my life. During this time I unfortunately haven’t been able to post anything on my blog.

Now I’m back :D. Motivated than ever and I would like to show you what I’ve been working on. These are two portraits I’ve been working on for the last two months:

afro portret 2afro portret20150807_001621
The first portrait is a 3-D portrait of a dark skinned woman with an Afro hairstyle. The afro in this portrait is made up of small beads. As you can probably imagine it took me a while to finish this. Today I finished it. I am very happy with the result. The second portrait is a black and white artwork of Bob Marley.

This is my first time that I made a 3-D portrait. I like to try new things. My style is very all over the place. I often find it difficult to work within one style. In my previous posts you will see a few illustrations with prints. This is mainly because I love African prints. Eventhough I wanted to work within that style (african prints), I tried something new: The use of beads. I find that very interesting. For the moment I think I will continue using beads in my portraits.